Family Observations

My son and grandson have different personalities and yet they are alike in many ways.  Both are comfortable with emerging technologies with the world wide web.  This mindset has come in handy for them as it relates to cars.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I was 67 before I ever changed a headlight in my car!  For years I just drove to a ‘service station’ (before the service stopped and nearly every place became a self pump gas station)!  You could just have the local mechanic at the service station replace it for a nominal charge while enjoying a Dr. Pepper with peanuts in their shop.

But times have changed.  In recent years I’ve witnessed both Mark and Jose under the hood with their smartphones…watching YouTube videos on replacing head lamps, belts, batteries, etc.  They are self teaching themselves through technology how to do their own maintenance.  This has extended to other repairs, installations, etc. beyond the cars.

This old man is very proud of them.  They have embraced change well.  My Dad would be proud as well!