A record turnout in this years general election. Joe Biden appears headed to the White House. I had specific reasons for not supporting the Democratic Party. Biden represents the ultimate ‘career politician’. 40 plus years in government. I despise career politicians. I believe in term limits regardless of political party. Our founding fathers never envisioned a congressman or senator serving so long. It breeds corruption. I have come to perceive Washington D.C. as a political swamp.

It was refreshing to see a businessman like Trump, not a politician seeking office in 2016. His message of “America First” was welcomed for a proud patriot like me. Someone advocating a stronger military to keep peace, tighter border controls to keep us safe. Less government regulations to spur job growth and lower taxes to help stimulate the economy.

I didn’t care for his ongoing tweets. He didn’t speak like a politician which was less “Elitist”. Yes, I embraced policy over his personality. His foreign policy kept us out of war and he pressed our allies to pay their share for security (NATO, UN, etc.)

My 2 biggest fears during the Obama administration were terrorism and the deficit. Obama seemed too cozy with Muslim nations. Immigration was a concern. I believe other countries should deal with their internal issues and the US need not be ‘planet police’. I suppose I am an isolationist. Spending was out of control and sadly, that has not improved during Trump’s presidency.

I was taught not to spend more than you have. The government refuses to live within its budget. The only way to generate more revenue is to raise taxes. While I don’t mind paying my fair share, I fear the burden will be placed on future generations…our children and grandchildren.

Another reason I did not vote for the Biden/Harris ticket was Kamala Harris. Everytime I look at her, all I see is the hateful, condescending approach she took at Judge Kavanaugh’s senate hearing for Supreme Court. Her conduct was appalling. Can’t get past it. It was political theater at its worst. She even accused Joe Biden of being a sexual predator in the Democratic Primary debates. Sorry, but I fucking hate politicians like this. It’s now okay to be Mr. Biden’s VP? All I see is a power hungry politician. Embarrassing behavior.

When you look at the final number of votes (Biden 78 million and Trump nearly 73 million), I cannot call that a clear mandate. From where I sit, I see mostly Democrats who hated Trump so much, they voted for a 40+ year career politician over an administration who improved my confidence in the economy and National pride these past 4 years. After demonizing Trump for 4 years (Democrats and the Media) with unsuccessful investigations, impeachment and character assasinations..they now want to promote healing and unity. Hypocrites, all of them!

A victory for Biden is only affirmation for career politicians to continue running for office until they die. The good news, Republicans held on to Senate seats and reps in the House increased. So no blue wave. Again, the media and pollsters were wrong.

I’m disappointed as you might tell. But I won’t hit the streets and burn down my fellow American’s small business buildings. I won’t loot, steal or berate anyone in the name of peaceful protesting. Because I love this country. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone in another foreign land. I will respect the process with some limited suspicion and continue my constitutional right of expression.